"My Origins series will continue exploring other paths of spirituality. These paths are an addendum to this series, as I begin to recognize and descend more deeply into my own heart."

Tom Redman
Mixed Media Paintings
Samples from my ORIGINS series:

Siddhartha’s Journey  (1.) depicts Prince Siddhartha Gautama who was born approximately 563 BCE in Northeast India. This portrayal is of the deeply contemplative and often conflicted man that he was before he embarked on his journey and became Buddha, the Enlightened One.

Inspired by the recent discovery of the Golden Mummies in a desert in Egypt, Of Age and Time (2.) represents a deep ancestral reverence for the journey into the afterlife.

In My Name (3,) depicts one man’s horrific sacrifice on a lonely, dusty hill in Judea

The Origins series will continue exploring other paths of spirituality..

Tom Redman

I had the privilege to grow up in the Coulee Region of West Central Wisconsin in a town called Tomah. In Wisconsin, coulees are the product of nearly a half million years of erosion, unmodified by glaciation. The area was literally dissected by water into a series of narrow ridges separated by steep-sided valleys. As a child, I spent hours digging in the eroded soil surrounding my family’s land. One day I dug up an unusual stone object that my father attributed to the ancient hunter-gatherers of prehistoric time. Farmers in the area often plowed up arrowheads and spear points, but I had unearthed something that piqued my interest in the humble origins of man that would influence and shape my life as a human being and an artist.  

Like Charles Dickens, I have lived in the best and worst of times but have never lost sight of my humanity or my connection to the Earth. My worst of times was as a 19-year-old soldier in Vietnam caught in the paradox of an unpopular war. Amid the insanity and horror, I witnessed and experienced true courage, resilience, and compassion. Somehow, I made it back to the world and as a 21-year-old combat veteran enrolled in the Layton School of Art and the University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee). After a few years of cynical resistance, I loosened my grip on what I thought the war had done to me and realized that the power and purpose of my life was literally in my own two hands. I spent most of my career as a commercial illustrator but took a deliberate and long overdue turn in the early 1990’s when my life-long interest in fine art meshed with my passion for ancient history and the origins of man. 

As a soul on a spiritual journey, my art reflects and connects to my military experience and my genuine interest in the complexity of what it means to be human. Fascinated and influenced by the ancient cave art at Chauvet to the neo-expressionist work of Anselm Kiefer and Jean-Michel Basquiat, my art strives to pull the thread that exposes the underlying spiritual connectedness of us all.