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Something for everyone and every occasion at San Remy Gallery
San Remy
Alice Konkel
Silver Jewelry, Lamp Work Beads, Polymer      

My work tends toward abstract symbolism, giving most of it an organic or flowing quality. Shapes, colors and form have always intrigued me and I use my knowledge of them to create a mood in my work. Great care has been taken to produce one of my creations and I am honored when someone wears one of them. I have given you an irreplaceable piece of my life in the hours it took to create it.
Alice Konkel "Purple Flower Pendant" Jewelry - 3 x 2 1/2 inches. Pure Silver, Dichroic Glass  $139.00
Alice Konkel "Scarf Badge- Ginko" Jewelry - 3 x 2 3/4 inches. Hand painted polymer clay with magnetic clasp $15.00
Alice Konkel "Froggy Knife" (with Free Wine Bottle Cheese Board) 5 x 1 inches. Detachable, lamp worked beads with a slather knife.
Alice Konkel "Necklace- Funky Series" 17 inches. Handmade polymer, pure silver, copper, and nickel beads with glass accent seed beads. It stretches!

Cindy Milner
Oil and Pastel Paintings

I enjoy drawing and painting and have a large body of work, depicting the Florida Keys, the American Southwest and the Walker's Point neighborhood of Milwaukee, which includes the Milwaukee Ballet and the horses that reside in the city. I am currently exhibiting the pieces shown on this page. 10% of sales of my work are donated the Humane Society of Milwaukee and End Genocide.
San Remy Gallery
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